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3rd China Outbound Summit: Internationalizing your Treasury and Finance Operations 22nd June 2018 – 2018年6月22日第三届中国走出去论坛:财资业务国际化

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3rd China Outbound Summit: Internationalizing your treasury and finance operations


IACCT (China) co-organized with Corporate Treasurer on 22nd June 2018 for the 3rd China Outbound Summit: internationalizing your treasury and finance operations at Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shenzhen. The main topic is surrounded by the policies related to China outbound and the development of the Greater Bay Area. The following topics were discussed: how to provide opportunities for Chinese enterprises, to understand in depth about the risk and return of Chinese enterprises at the global scale, to understand the treasury tools used for assisting the expansion overseas, the analysis of the implementation of corporate treasury centres. Ms. Sara Yip from Hong Kong Monetary Authority was invited to make a keynote speech and Ms. Gogo Ko, President of IACCT (China) made the opening speech and was one of the guests in group panel discussion, discussing the consideration in determining the optimal venue when setting up a corporate treasury centre, together with representatives from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and tax experts.


About 200 financial professionals participated in the discussion such as the opportunities and risks in financial and cash management. Ms. Gogo Ko, President of IACCT (China) and members of the Events and Membership Committee of IACCT (China), Mr. Raymond Lo, Mr. Simon Chow, Mr. Ken Lam, Mr. Alfred Yung, Dr. David Pun, Dr. Clive Tsang, Ms. Stella Law have participated in this forum and met representatives of CT regarding the preparation of this forum.



由CorporateTreasurer (CT)主办、国际企业财资(中国)协会 (IACCT (China)) 作为合作伙伴的的“大中华区财务与现金管理论坛2018”已于2018年6月22日(星期五)在深圳君悦酒店顺利举行。本次年度论坛以中国的走出去政策和大湾区发展为重点,为中国企业提供机会,深入探讨中国企业走向全球的风险与回报,研讨协助海外扩张的财资工具,并对企业财资中心CTC的实践进行了分析。本次活动成功邀请了香港金融管理局市场发展处高级经理叶晶晶小姐(Ms. Sara Yip)发表主题演讲。IACCT (China) 会长高镛丽女士(Ms. Gogo Ko)作开幕致辞,并作为小组讨论嘉宾之一与金融管理局代表及税务专家共同探讨企业在选择设立财资中心的地点时应考虑的因素。约近200位财务金融企业总裁等专业人士参与了论坛,对大中华区财务与现金管理的机遇及风险等议题作了深入讨论。


感谢香港金融管理局代表、各专业讲者、小组讨论专家及IACCT (China) 会员朋友们对论坛的支持。


本次论坛由IACCT (China) 会长高镛丽女士 (Ms. Gogo Ko) 带领活动及会员事务委员会成员周荣生先生(Mr. Simon Chow)、卢敬良先生(Mr. Raymond Lo)、林沛明先生(Mr. Ken Lam)、翁宗兴先生(Mr. Alfred Yung)、潘琪伟博士(Dr. David Pun)、曾思进博士(Mr. Clive Tsang )、罗珏瑜女士(Ms. Stella Law)与The CorporateTreasurer 联合策划。


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