Corporate Treasury Management Lunch Seminar on 26th October 2017 – 2017年10月26日企业财务管理午餐研讨会

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Corporate Treasury Management Lunch Seminar on 26th October 2017


Committee members of the IACCT (China) have participated in the seminar organized by the Treasury Markets Association (TMA) and Euroclear in the International Finance Centre in Hong Kong on the 26th October 2017. Mr. Jack Cheung, president of TMA made a keynote speech. Ms. Gogo Ko, president of IACCT(China) hosted this seminar. Other speakers include guests from senior officers from the Euroclear Bank and BNP Paribus. Topics covered in this seminar include: the latest development and innovative strategies in capital investment, risk management and financing, such as Repo investment tool; how to utilize various capital investments to manage risk, utilizing triparty agent to mitigate the potential challenge of repo. Members of the Events and Membership Committee of IACCT (China), such as Mr. Simon Chow, Mr. Raymond Lo and Mr. Alfred Yung have participated in this forum.




由国际企业财资(中国)协会 (IACCT (China)) 伙伴香港财资市场公会(TMA)及欧洲清算(Euroclear ) 组织的”企业财务管理午餐硏讨会”于2017年10月26日在香港中环国际金融中心顺利举行。IACCT(China)组织会员参加了此次活动。


本次研讨会由TMA 总裁Mr Jack Cheung 作主题演讲,IACCT(China)会长高镛丽女士 (Ms. Gogo Ko) 担任论坛主持人,演讲嘉宾包括来自欧洲清算银行 (Euroclear Bank) 及法国巴黎银行 (BNP Paribas) 的全球管理高层。本次论坛探讨了企业在资金投资、风险管理及融资各方面的最新发展及创新策略,包括”逆回购 (Repo)”投资工具的信息、如何利用企业作多元化的资金投资进行风险管理、善用”三方代理 (Triparty Agent)”应对”逆回购”的潜在挑战。


IACCT(China)活动及会员事务委员会成员卢敬良先生 (Mr. Raymond Lo)、翁宗兴先生 (Mr. Alfred Yung) 及周荣生先生 (Mr. Simon Chow)参与及协助论坛安排。



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