Green bond forum on 27th April 2017 – 2017年4月27日  2017年绿色债券论坛

Green bond forum on 27th April 2017 – 2017年4月27日 2017年绿色债券论坛

by FinanceAsia
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Green bond forum on 27th April 2017


Even since the issue of the first green bond in 2007, the global green bond market has been dominated in the US and Europe. However, since 2016, China has become the largest issuing country in the world, having issued about 36 billion US dollars out of the global amount of 80 billion US dollars. Green bonds have become a valuable tool in investment development.


FinanceAsia and IACCT (China)’s sponsor Natixis were delighted to have this half-day event brought to Hong Kong. Throughout this forum, the return and cost as well as the challenges and risks of the highest growth capital category in the fixed income domain have been explored.


IACCT (China) has assisted in the preparation of this forum. Mr. Simon Chow of the Events and Membership Committee of IACCT (China) as well as IACCT (China)’s guests have participated in this forum.


2017427  2017年绿色债券论坛




FinanceAsia和国际企业财资(中国)协会 (IACCT (China)) 的赞助商Natixis很高兴第一次将这个为期半天的活动带到香港。借助论坛的契机,探讨了在固定收益领域增长最快的资产类别所产生的收益和成本以及所面临的阻力和风险和成本。


IACCT(China)协助本次论坛的筹办,活动及会员事务委员会成员周荣生先生(Mr. Simon Chow)以及IACCT(China)的特邀嘉宾参加了本次活动。



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