RMB Fixed Income and Currency Forum on 12th June 2018 – 2018年6月12日  2018年人民币定息及货币论坛

RMB Fixed Income and Currency Forum on 12th June 2018 – 2018年6月12日 2018年人民币定息及货币论坛

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RMB fixed income and currency forum on 12th June 2018


IACCT (China) fully supported this event, organized by the HKEX. The event, 2018 RMB Fixed Income and Currency Forum, was held in the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 12th June 2018. HKEX arranged 38 guests to deliver speeches, including Mr. Charles Li, the Chief Executive of HKEX.


Over 600 financial professionals participated in the discussion about the opening of the financial market in China, the structure and function revolution of the bond market, the northbound bond trading, the new opportunities of the deepening of the increasing connectivity and international bond market, the outlook of Chinese macroeconomy, interest rate and currency rate, the globalization of RMB, the latest development of onshore and offshore RMB market, the RMB derivative market development and the opportunity for Hong Kong, the connecting of onshore and offshore RMB clearing business, etc.


Ms. Gogo Ko, President of IACCT (China) and members of the Events and Membership  Committee of IACCT (China), Mr. Alfred Yung, Mr. Raymond Lo, Mr. Simon Chow, Mr. Ken Lam, Mr. Johnson Tang, Ms. Stella Law have participated in this forum and met representatives in the HKEX regarding the preparation of this forum. Members of IACCT (China) also participated in this forum.

For further information about the 2018 forum, please refer to the following website: https://www.hkexgroup.com/Media-Centre/Corporate-Events/RMB-FIC-Conference/Past-Events/RMB-FIC-Conference-2018?sc_lang=en


2018612  2018年人民币定息及货币论坛


由国际企业财资(中国)协会 (IACCT (China)) 全力支持,由香港交易所(HKEX)主办的“2018人民币定息及货币论坛”已于2018年6月12日(星期二)在香港君悦酒店顺利举行。香港交易所安排了约38位主题演讲嘉宾及论坛嘉宾,包括行政总裁李小加先生。



IACCT (China)会长高镛丽女士 (Ms. Gogo Ko) 带领活动及会员事务委员会成员翁宗兴先生(Mr. Alfred Yung)、卢敬良先生 (Mr. Raymond Lo)、周荣生先生 (Mr. Simon Chow)、林沛明先生 (Mr. Ken Lam)、邓忠信先生 (Mr. Johnson Tang)、罗珏瑜女士 (Ms. Stella Law) 与香港交易所相关代表联系论坛筹备事宜,并邀请IACCT (China)会员朋友们一起参与论坛。





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